Healthcare is broken.  Help us fix it.

We’re in this business to help fix healthcare’s very real and pressing problems, like the lack of immediate access to patient health information across organizations. Healthcare happens in many places (hospitals, clinics, etc.) and is handled by many entities (payers, providers, etc.), which can result in fragmented, incomplete information—and preventable medical errors. Our platform tackles this problem by unifying different data types (clinical, financial, administrative, etc.) from different data sources into one screen so clinicians, patients, and caregivers can quickly and easily access complete patient histories. Being able to see a patient’s complete health picture in one place improves transitions of care, results in better-informed care, and empowers people to actively participate in their care.

Our Culture

We believe that great workplaces have a culture of freedom, responsibilityinnovation, and self-discipline.

We hire only stunning colleagues, and then give them the freedom to choose what they work on and how they work.


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Our Platform

Our value-based care platform improves patient outcomes by connecting people, processes, and data. It powers our mobile and web apps, which enable information sharing, engage patients, and improve population health management. It gives patients and providers analytics-driven insights they can act on.

Let’s get technical: More about our technology stack

  • The core of our platform is written in C# with an SQL datastore (typically MSSQL). Data drivers or adapters are often written in C# or Python (i.e., the most appropriate tool for a given integration).
  • Our architecture is a service-oriented cluster of Windows services that run as web services. Our client apps consume these services, including web clients for patients and caregivers (ASP.NET, C#, MVC3/4/5, and the usual HTML stack, including Javascript, JQuery, Angular, D3, etc.). Our standalone and mobile apps, including several iOS apps, also consume these services.

Our Workplace

Forty percent of our team works in Ann Arbor; 60% works remotely—at home, coffee shops, and collaborative workspaces around the country. (Some even take part in work abroad programs, fixing healthcare on the road and off the continent.)


We take inclusion seriously. We work hard to create and continuously improve connectedness with video conferencing, high-end audio/visual equipment, and collaboration tools like Slack. We are always open to new ideas—no committee vote or executive approval required. If it is the right thing to do, we do it. If we try it and it doesn’t work, we stop doing it. It is that simple.


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There are endless opportunities to fix healthcare and improve outcomes—that’s why we do what we do. 


CareEvolution is looking for talented software developers, implementation engineers and clinical experts to help us improve patient outcomes by connecting people, processes, and data.


We do not maintain a fixed list of open positions, but instead want to hear how you see yourself contributing to our team.  If you’re interested in fixing healthcare with us, please email your resume, CV or portfolio to