Adapt to the Rapidly Changing Healthcare Landscape.

Today, the “meaningful use” driven initiatives of years past feel like a leisurely warm-up to the barrage of priorities created by the transition to value-based care.  Timelines are shorter. The stakes are higher and siloed solutions are now the problem not the answer.

Since 2005, healthcare leaders have relied on our ability to connect the islands of automation their previous successes have created. IDNs, health plans, regional health collaboratives, and researchers depend on our proven population health platform to help them transition to a high-value care delivery system.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance.
An Enabling Platform for Value Based Care


Unifying clinical and claims data across every source, providing connected information with consistent terminologies.


Making patient histories available and understandable on desktops, tablets, phones and more - for administrators, providers and patients.


Combining retrospective and near real-time analytics to prioritize intervention by rapidly identifying high-risk patients and populations.


Informing actions to make the most impact.

With CareEvolution, each act and every discovery is informed by complete patient histories – clinical, financial and administrative.

Purposefully designed for the dynamic healthcare environment, this integrated platform combines data from multiple healthcare information sources, applications to manage your work and the flexibility to improve and change as needs arise. The result is rapid access to the information required to make informed, time-critical decisions vital to optimize patient and population outcomes. This is Healthcare, Evolved.

Engaging Consumers and Patients

"The industry is at a crossroads where consumers and technology are intersecting to create a new paradigm for managed health care. Consumers want autonomy over their health choices and wearable technologies are making that increasingly possible. We are committed to developing innovative solutions and partnerships that deliver the empowerment and value consumers are looking for."

Enabling People Centered Care at Trinity Health

"Trinity Health’s strategy is to deliver people-centered care that improves patients’ experiences, enhances the health of populations and reduces the total cost of care, through innovations that make it easier to access and use health-related information. We are working with CareEvolution to enable more people to connect at their convenience with their care providers."

Barbara A. Walters, DO

Executive Vice President, Chief Population Health Officer, Trinity Health

Current News

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Meaningful Use Certification

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CareEvolution and ONC Demonstrate Consumer Directed Care during HIMSS 2017

More specifically, the two EHR vendors are working together with third-party mobile health applications, like CareEvolution, so that patients can access their health information — in this case, medication information — through these mobile applications. What this means is that should a patient download and use one of these third-party mobile applications, those applications would be able to access the patient’s information whether located in Cerner’s EHR or Epic’s or Allscript’s and so on. Read more here and download CareEvolution myFHR app.